Lean Operations (PICS)


Lean Operations, in collaboration with Vlerick, two 3-day modules   


PICS Belgium
Filip Williotstraat 9 - 2600 Berchem
Tel. 03/286 80 91
www.picsbelgium.be - info@picsbelgium.be

Graad van de opleiding

Hoger of Universitair Onderwijs (of aantal jaren ervaring in Supply Chain Management)  


Studenten en volwassenen (werkenden en werkzoekenden)


teamleader - warehouse supervisor - suppy chain manager

Inhoud van de opleiding

By making the ‘lean’ transition a business can realise dramatic results and improvements throughout all areas within the business. The significant performance
gap between companies applying ‘lean’ and those that do not has triggered continued
attention. Therefore a course has been developed that provides a theoretical and practical approach that is needed by all operational managers to learn how to assess
lean opportunities, define lean improvement projects, and prioritise the lean projects to implement. 

Stage, projecten, werkplekleren


Afgeleverde certificaten / getuigschriften

certificate 'Lean Competency' 

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